Summit Christian Academy is affordable and works hard to provide full disclosure of all fees and costs associated with enrollment in our school. Every fee  (like sports fees, etc.) is fully disclosed so that you can make an educated, prayerful decision about enrolling at Summit. See all fees by clicking *here* or by reading below. Our program is exceptional among private schools offering a well balanced learning experience and environment for your student.

Summit also provides an aggressive financial assitant program for those who need a little extra help. We award nearly $250,000 in financial assistance annually based on need. The program can be applied for through FACTS Tuition Management by clicking *here*. Families can receive anywhere from 10%-50% off of their tuition if they qualify financially.


We understand that private Christian schooling requires a significant investment to complete your child’s education through graduation. Part of the risk associated with paying tuition is the potential of missing school due to unexpected life changes. Things such as a job relocation, serious illness, and other unplanned occurrences can interrupt your child’s education. That is where tuition insurance comes in. The premium for the insurance can be split into 9 equal installments and is very affordable.