Beyond the Classroom

Life outside the classroom is an important part of the student experience at Summit Christian Academy. Summit has created an exceptional campus life for the student that goes beyond the classroom.

From an outstanding athletics program to a host of clubs, students are encouraged to expand their education beyond the classroom and get involved. One of the benefits of both our athletic programs as well as our extracurricular activities is that students have the chance to make the most of their middle and high school experience.  Each program provides several opportunities for students to meet challenges and goals outside of the classroom. While most of the activities are geared for middle and high school students, Summit does offer activities for elementary students. 

Extracurricular Activities Help Students Prepare for College 

Colleges pay attention to a student's life, both inside and outside the classroom. While academics will always be the first priority at Summit Christian Academy, a student's involvement in athletics or extracurricular activities provides a more well-rounded portrayal of how the student might perform at college. For example, activity involvement can show:

  • The student has made meaningful contribution to something
  • The student's ability to make a long-term commitment
  • The student's ability to manage their time and prioritize

Summit students have the opportunity to play, participate, and take an active role in a host of activities that go beyond the classroom.