5 Reasons To Soar

Best Licensed Teachers

Summit pursues the best licensed teachers and staff and strives to retain and build loyalty and longevity. Summit hires faculty that are degreed, qualified to teach in their subject area, experienced, and mature in their faith.



Academic Focus 

Summit strives to pursue the highest levels of academic focus. Summit thoroughly evaluates the most current curriculum that is available in the academic environment and has the benefit of choosing the absolute best curriculum in terms of its accuracy, thoroughness, quality, perspective, and reputation.



Character Development

Summit encourages students to be followers of Jesus Christ and to live a life changed by Him. Summit places a high priority on the development of Christian character in each of its students. Taught in the classroom and practiced in all aspects of campus life, SCA's character education program includes traits that exemplify godly character. These traits are defined and highlighted throughout each year of the student's scholastic journey.



Service Leadership

Service leadership is a vital part of Summit Christian Academy's educational philosophy and lies at the core of the school's values, vision, and mission. Through our Impact Education program, students learn the value and importance of service leadership. This core value is embedded throughout every grade in the school from the youngest pre-school student to the most mature senior high school student.



Independent, Christ-Centered School

Christ as the Foundation represents our core value upon which all things are supported. Christ is the focus, motive, and source of what we do and how we do it. Christ-centered education provides the framework for learning. Summit Christian Academy recognizes that all truth is from God. Sharing the truth and love of Christ with others is a foundational part of life on our campus whether in the classroom, in the gym, on a field trip, or at chapel services.